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Bonjour Paris. EAGE 2017 here we come.

Here at the DUG-out we’re kicking up our heels in excitement as we look forward to EAGE in Paris. Here’s what you can expect at Booth #730.

Can DUG inspire you with our key technologies? Yes we can-can.

Drop by the DUG booth and check out the daily talk schedule. DUG’s Chief Geophysicist, Jon Cocker, will be delivering a number of presentations each day, giving you a taste of our newest and most innovative work flows and technologies.

Can DUG deliver a dazzling new release of DUG Insight? Yes we can-can.

We’re launching DUG Insight 4.2 at EAGE. Come and see one of the live demos each day and discover how DUG Insight will change the way you interpret your data. Find out about spectral balancing, AVA workflows, high-resolution well views, and our latest curvature and structural analysis tools.

Can DUG offer cutting edge processing and imaging solutions? Yes we can-can.

Q-tomo and Q-migration solutions. Designature with near field hydrophones. Full waveform inversion. 3D shallow water demultiple. Processing of blended acquisition. Deghosting all types of data. The list is endless. Whatever you’re looking for, DUG can deliver. Drop by the booth and we’ll show you some of the startling results we’re getting from these key technologies.

Can DUG shout you a drink? Yes we can-can.

We love to enjoy ourselves at the end of the day. And we’re happy to share with our clients and friends. So drop back to the booth at 4pm each day for happy hour.


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