Free 30-Day Evaluation

You can download and start using DUG Insight in just minutes – with absolutely no obligation.

To begin your free evaluation:

    •    download the software
    •    double-click to install (see this page for details)
    •    start the Launcher by double-clicking the icon
    •    create a project (see this page for details)
    •    launch DUG Insight itself

When running DUG Insight for the first time, you'll be prompted to activate a trial licence. After completing the form, check your email for an activation message from us.  Click the link in the email to complete the activation.

Unable to submit the form?

If your IT department requires the use of a proxy to access the web, click Network Settings to enter the proxy details, and try again.
If you're still unable to submit the form, please contact

Didn't receive an email?

In rare cases, the activation emails are rejected by company mail servers or caught by spam filters.
If you haven't received it in a few minutes, and it's not in your spam folder, please contact

Need additional modules?

The standard evaluation includes DUG Insight and the Explorationist module.  To evaluate other modules, please contact

Free for academic use.

We have strong ties to academia and research, and appreciate everyone in the educational community. Send your faculty details or a copy of your student ID to and we'll tell you more.

Want to know more?