why choose insight?
DUG Insight takes a fresh approach to seismic interpretation software, with powerful features integrated into an easy-to-use interface.
Insight is fundamentally interactive; everything you do is instantly reflected throughout the product. Data isn’t isolated in separate modules or windows. No more tying up your computer and licence while an intensive process runs for hours. Insight's processes work on- demand, calculating results only when and where you need them. You can test and refine every parameter quickly, without using your storage or time!
Insight's visual design provides a clean, straightforward approach, uncluttered by unnecessary modes and options. Which is why, despite all its features, our customers write things like "Insight is quick and easy to learn," and "I can't imagine another piece of software where this would be so painless."
Insight was designed with pre-stack in mind. Gathers aren't relegated to a separate tacked -on module; they're everywhere. You can view common-offset slices as quickly and easily as stacks; do one-click AVO analysis across a whole range of gathers; create custom angle stacks on-the-fly; even propagate complex horizons in offset space. Everything you do with stacks, you can do with pre-stack data in exactly the same way.
DUG Insight’s powerful visualisation and interpretation tools make it a great choice for the data room. Start investigating prospects and exploring basins faster with our straightforward, easy-to-learn interface.
Available for Windows, Linux and MacOS, Insight performs seamlessly on any machine, from basic laptops to high-performance workstations. Insight is multi-threaded and can take advantage of any number of CPUs and cores. Insight projects are cross-platform, allowing teams across all platforms to coordinate and work together.
DUG Insight offers a peerless support team located in every time zone of the world. That means round-the-clock support for users. Just email support@dugeo.com for the same-day solutions that have made us famous.
Our system is built to require minimum setup and zero maintenance to be invisible. You never have to wait for a physical dongle. There are no drivers or servers to install. There are no utilities to run and no files to email around.
Prices include everything, from upgrades and maintenance to online support. In fact, DUG Insight is cheaper than many of our competitors' yearly maintenance costs. Best of all, we make frequent updates that are always free.