News 2016

The Houston Hub officially opens.

This week marked the opening of our beautiful new office in Houston. Team DUG celebrated the event with an open house, inviting clients to join us for barista-made coffee, Aussie desserts and a steak from the barbie (grill). Our visitors enjoyed touring the new space which included the state-of-the-art computer room housing “Bubba”, our supercomputer. We look forward to welcoming many more guests to the Houston Hub in the coming days. Continue reading for more pics.

DUG_Houston4_2016-725x555 DUG_Houston3_2016-725x555 DUG_Houston2_2016-860x579 DUG_Houston7_2016-725x555 DUG_Houston6_2016-860x579 DUG_Houston5_2016-860x579



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