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DUG Insight 4.1 Steps Up With New Structural Analysis Tools.

DownUnder GeoSolutions today announced the latest features in the upcoming release of their seismic interpretation system, DUG Insight 4.1. The new release adds curvature analysis and directional similarity to Insight’s suite of geometric attributes. A new template engine extends Insight’s well capabilities with fast, high-resolution well log displays, and the Petrel Link has been upgraded with two-way sync support for 2D seismic and interpretation.

DUG Insight 4.1 adds several new similarity-based processes for identifying structural features. Insight’s correlation and semblance-based algorithms reveal subtle faults and fractures in situations where conventional approaches have trouble. Directional correlation takes advantage of fracture direction to further discriminate fine structure.

Curvature analysis can identify structural features when correlation and similarity based measures perform poorly. Curvature attributes are calculated for seismic horizons, but when interpretation is not available, volumetric curvature can provide valuable information on fracture orientation and density.

“Interpreters already love our incoherence process. These new processes are even better at highlighting hidden faults and fractures. Directional correlation is a great technique for isolating sedimentary features,” commented Said Amiribesheli, Chief Geophysicist, DUG Insight. “Volume based curvature is an essential tool for understanding fracture networks, and is less sensitive to noise than horizon-based calculations.”

The Petrel Link module enables bi-directional data sharing between DUG Insight and the Petrel* E&P software platform. Adding 2D synchronisation provides more opportunities to take advantage of DUG Insight’s powerful pre-stack gather visualisation and image gather processing tools.

A new, high-resolution well view tops off the list of new features. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop approach, well view templates simplify building and sharing views between projects.

As with all DUG Insight releases, the upgrade to 4.1 is provided at no extra charge to current users. DUG Insight can be downloaded for a free, no-obligation, 30 day trial from

* Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger


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