News 2011

The DownUnder team gets active!

Three DownUnder GeoSolutions team members have won the workplace team prize for the City of Subiaco’s Active Team Challenge. Michael Hartley, Chris Kruger and Troy Thompson entered as the DownUnder GeoSolutions Active Team.

The challenge involved leaving the car at home at least two days a week and walking or cycling to work or public transport in an effort to reduce traffic congestion, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Participants logged in their journeys and received personal information back about kilojoules burned and money saved.

Michael catches public transport to the Dugeo office, gaining 30 minutes of exercise per day by walking from home to the bus stop. Chris also walks to public transport to get to work. “I always walk and take the train to work after a stint in Europe where it became habit”, he said. “I think it’s good to support public transport and reduce our dependence on motor vehicles”. Troy cycles 13km to work in 40 minutes. During the six week Challenge, Troy burned 83,824 kilojoules, or 243 chocolate biscuits!

The boys were thrilled to win a gift voucher to the Subiaco retailer of their choice.


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