DUG announces unique cloud service for the geophysics industry

DUG is building a unique cloud service tailored specifically to the geophysics community. The new service, DUG McCloud, will be backed by a huge geophysically-configured supercomputer in a purpose-built exascale compute facility. The machine will be located at Skybox Houston, and is the first of DUG’s data centres to be located off-site in a purpose-built facility.

The initial DUG McCloud data hall at Skybox has 15 MW of power and will house a 250 petaflop (single-precision) machine once fully installed. Plans, power, and space are in hand to expand the facility beyond an exaflop. DUG’s Managing Director, Dr. Matthew Lamont, said “DUG McCloud will provide enormous compute capacity and high-performance storage for DUG’s service business. It will further enable delivery of high-frequency FWI and RTM in addition to other high-end and compute-intensive algorithms.” Continue Reading

What’s on in the DUGout at SEG Anaheim

Discover high frequency FWI and more.

We’re presenting some startling results from DUG’s ground-breaking processing and imaging technologies in a series of talks delivered daily on the booth. Drop by and catch DUG’s Principal Geophysicist, Laurence Letki, present the following talks:

FWI – from low to high frequencies from imaging to interpretation.
Shallow water attenuation of multiples by inversion- data examples.
DUG Deblend, our inversion-based solution for blended acquisition.

Times will be posted daily at the DUG booth #1441.

Discover DUG McCloud: the cloud with a geophysical lining.

DUG is announcing a unique cloud service at SEG, specially tailored to the geophysics community. DUG McCloud, will be backed by a huge geophysically-configured supercomputer in a purpose-built exascale compute facility. Read more here. And drop by the DUGout at SEG to discuss how this game-changing new offering can work for your business.

Discover DUG Cool – the coolest computer cooling system you’ve ever seen.

DUG has one of the largest supercomputer networks in the world with data centres in Perth, Houston, London and KL. We have developed (Patent Publication WA 2017/091862A1)an advanced, flexible and modular dielectric-fluid cooling solution which has greatly reduced our energy usage and costs, increased the life and efficiency of our hardware , and given us some of the greenest compute centres in the world. What’s more, due to demand, this innovative solution is now available to the wider HPC industry. We’re showcasing a model at SEG, tech heads are welcome to come by and check it out.

Discover DUG Insight: our complete seismic interpretation package.

Come and see one of the live DUG Insight demos each day and discover how one software package, with features such as spectral balancing and AVA workflows, high-resolution well views, and curvature analysis tools, can change the way you interpret your data.

Discover Team DUG.

We welcome you at the DUGout any time to meet our team of experts. We’re available for one-on-one discussions and presentations. Or just join us for an informal chat and a drink at 4pm on the booth.



DUG KL office opening celebration

Team DUG celebrated the opening of their new KL office this week with an open house and luncheon for clients. Several of DUG’s senior management team were in town to meet with our clients and take them on a tour of the soaring new space on the ground floor of KL’s GTower building. Guests were particularly impressed with the state-of-the-art server room, housing our 13 PF supercomputer, “Bohdi”.

An official ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted, followed by a traditional lion dance, bringing luck and good fortune to our office and all who work there.

Read more to see more pictures. Continue Reading

DUG presents at the EAGE Simultaneous Sources Workshop in Kuala Lumpur July 24.

Bookings are now open for the EAGE Simultaneous Sources Workshop in Kuala Lumpur on July 24. DUG’s Principal Research Geophysicist, Gary Hampson, will be among the team of expert speakers and presenters that have joined together for this highly informative workshop.

Gary will be presenting DUG’s paper titled: “Reflections on 20 Years of Simultaneous Sources”. If you’d like to learn more about Simultaneous Sources, you can register for the workshop here.  Check out the full programme here.

Hands-on lesson for local students.

DUG hosted the final year Computer Science students from local high school, Shenton College, for a tour of our Perth supercomputer and hands-on lesson from System’s Architect, Stuart Midgley. The students were instantly “hands-in” as they marvelled at our innovative dielectric-fluid cooling technology. And then Stuart blew their minds with comparisons of the power of our supercomputer to their much-loved gaming PCs!

It was an invaluable lesson in how the theoretical translates to the actual. For many of them it drew together their studies in physics, computing and mathmatics. For us, it was an chance to meet the engineers, programmers and technicians of the future.

If you’d like to learn more about DUG’s supercomputer, here’s a 3 minute lesson you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home!

West Australian Newspaper recognises DUG’s growth

Featured in The West Australian Wednesday 6 June 2018, Team DUG is recognised for a local company’s meteoric growth over the last few years and impressive investment into technology and the energy industry. “Two Perth geophysicists built a backyard shed in Subiaco to house their fledgling business 14 years ago. Now they have 350 employees across four continents and are looking to spend more than $330 million on supercomputers”. Read the full story here.

Drop by the DUGout at EAGE

100 hertz FWI – OUCH!

Drop by the DUG booth at EAGE and let our experts show you some of the really exciting results we’re getting from our high resolution FWI. DUG’s FWI workflow utilises the entire seismic wavefield to generate refined, high-resolution velocity models for your imaging and characterisation needs. It iteratively updates an initial model by forward modelling synthetics and comparing them to field data. We’ve been running our FWI at frequencies up to 100 hertz and getting sensational results.

Continue Reading

APPEA 2018 wrap up. Totally RAdelaide.

Well done Adelaide, APPEA 2018 was a great success. Team DUG had a busy conference, with a steady stream of interested clients wanting to view some of the startling results we are seeing from our high frequency FWI workflows and other cutting edge technologies.

We showcased our seismic interpretation software package, DUG Insight. And kitted the conference out in our range of DownUnder wear, including hats, flip flops and even boxer shorts!

Of course, the conference was capped off by the exciting news that we were presented with the Best Custom Booth award for the conference. A testimony to our team’s efforts. Looking forward to APPEA 2019 in Brisbane.

DUG Insight software tutorials

DUG is sharing our popular ‘how-to’ videos, highlighting features of our DUG Insight softwareDUG Insight is a full-featured 2D/3D/pre-stack visualisation and interpretation package. It includes all the necessary tools for a complete interpretation workflow, from reconnaissance to cross-plotting, with a fully-integrated 3D canvas and support for pre-stack data, throughout.

This week take a look at Faster, Better, Fault Interpretation with Arblines in Insight. Arblines are a great aid for picking faults and perfecting your interpretation. DUG Insight adds some great workflow enhancements to arblines that solve common problems and help get the most out of your data.

Coming up over the next month we will be featuring:

  • Create smashing well synthetic view
  • Link Insight and Petrel
  • Spectral balancing and frequency enhancement using Spectral Shaping

Keep an eye on our social media for a weekly update, or visit our YouTube channel.

International Women’s Day 2018

March 8 sees the annual International Women’s Day campaign theme kick off for the year ahead, with 2018’s being #PressforProgress.

Started by the Suffragettes in the early 1900s, the first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911 and has become a global movement celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

DUG has always recognised the important part women play in the workplace and valued their contribution, be it our geoscientists, geophysicists and software specialists; HR, marketing and finance professionals; or our all-important administrative staff. Continue Reading