What’s on in the DUGout – APGCE 17.

Heading to the APGCE in Kuala Lumpur? Catch up with Team DUG in booth G10 and catch up with our latest technologies and software releases.

We’ll have round the clock demos of DUG Insight, our 2D/3D/pre-stack visualisation and interpretation package.

Plus our Head of Research, Dr Troy Thompson, will be highlighting some of our innovative technologies in a series of short presentations that will include FWI, curvelets, and the use of near-field hydrophones.

You’ll find the schedule of talks at the booth each day. We look forward to saying “G’day”.

DUG papers chosen among top at SEG 2017

Congratulations to DUG’s Principal Research Geophysicists, Gary Hampson and Antoine Guitton, for delivering two of the SEG’s top technical papers at the recent SEG Exposition in Houston. Gary’s technical presentation, titled Notional Ghosts, was voted by his fellow SEG members as being among the best presented at the meeting. Antoine’s paper, Statistical Imaging of Faults in 3D Seismic Volumes Using a Machine-Learning Approach was also voted in the prestigious list of Top 40 papers.

What’s on in the DUGout – SEG 2017

Team DUG is looking forward to a successful SEG event. Here’s what you’ll find if you visit us at booth #1235.

Daily presentations of key technologies
Drop by the DUG booth and check out the daily talk schedule. We’ll be delivering a number of presentations each day, giving you a taste of our newest and most innovative work-flows and technologies. If you’re interested in FWI, deblending, and scenario testing using RTM, you won’t want to miss these presentations.

DUG Insight daily demos

DUG Insight is our 2D/3D/pre-stack visualisation and interpretation software package. Come and see one of the live demos each day and discover how DUG Insight will change the way you interpret your data. Find out about spectral balancing, AVA workflows, high-resolution well views, and our latest curvature and structural analysis tools.

Learn about DUG’s seismic assalt weapons

Discover what DUG’s high-end depth imaging toolkit can do for you. We have an artillery of seismic assalt weapons ready to attack the most complex imaging challenges. Drop by booth #1235 and let us show you some of the results we’re getting from our latest processing and imaging technologies.

Let DUG buy you a drink

Join us in the DUGout at 6pm on Sunday and 4.30pm Monday and Tuesday for a drink and a chat. We’d love to see you.


Seismic Reservoir Characterization courses in KL, Beijing and Nanjing – Sagar Ronghe

DUG Geoscience Manager, Sagar Ronghe, is presenting a series of Seismic Reservoir Characterization courses in conjunction with EAGE. They will be held in September 2017 in KL, and October 2017 in Beijing and Nanjing.

Well and seismic data can be integrated to predict lithology and fluid, quantify reservoir properties, identify leads and help risk prospects. This course provides an introduction to the concepts and application of quantitative seismic interpretation including statistical rock physics analysis and modelling.

This course discusses reservoir characterization as it applies to all stages of oil and gas field activity: from reconnaissance, through exploration and appraisal, to focused reservoir characterization during field development. As more data becomes available the options for QI increase. Workflows should be fit-for-purpose given project objectives and data availability. Reservoir characterization methodologies spanning qualitative attributes, inversion, probabilistic lithology and fluid predictions and the quantification of reservoir property distributions are presented. These include well log calibrated amplitude and AVA interpretations, stack rotations, and deterministic and stochastic inversion. The importance of petrophysics and rock physics calibration as a foundation for all of these methods is highlighted.

The course also discusses seismic velocity modelling: the smooth merging of multiple 2D and or 3D velocity fields into a consistent 3D volume; and the calibration of seismic velocities to well data for accurate time-to-depth conversion. Depth conversion of seismic data and derived properties are important for facilitating well planning and field development decisions as well as for quantitative result interpretations.

Registrations are now open for the following dates:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 27th. More information here.

Beijing, China  October 16-17. More information here.

Nanjing, China October 19-2o. More information here.


Press release: DUG Flexes its Muscle

Australian company builds one of the world’s largest supercomputers.

To be at the top of your game in any sport, you need plenty of skill and lots of muscle.

In the seismic data processing industry, muscle comes in the form of compute power, and at DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) building muscle is high priority – as is honing the team’s skills to use it.

DUG is rolling out a series of muscle-building upgrades to its global seismic processing centres, including Perth, Kuala Lumpur, London and Houston; an expansion that will see its Intel-supported processing capability grow and likely exceed its competitors, based on petaflops (PF) per geo. Continue Reading