Company Founders

The founders of DownUnder GeoSolutions have a wealth of academic and practical experience. They lead a team of equally talented professionals.

Dr Matthew Lamont

Dr Matthew Lamont is founding partner and Managing Director DownUnder GeoSolutions. Matthew holds a Ph.D in Geophysics from Curtin University of Technology where he is currently an adjunct Associate Professor.

His working career spans over 15 years starting in Woodside’s geophysics group. Later he was the technical lead for the seismic processing and imaging team for BHP Billiton in Houston. At stages during his career he has also been involved in quantitative interpretation studies.

Matthew started DownUnder GeoSolutions in 2003.

Dr Troy Thompson

Dr Troy Thompson received a PhD from Curtin University of Technology. His topic was automated prestack event picking. He received a first class honours degree at Curtin working on anisotropy.

Troy was a founding partner in DownUnder GeoSolutions. Today he is a Principal Geophysicist.

He has written papers on a variety of subjects including anisotropy, prestack autopicking and quantitative interpretation. He is a member of ASEG, SEG, EAGE and PESA.

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